Entry: Saying Goodbye.... Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's too obvious that I haven't updated this blog for almost a month and weeks now, tsk, tsk, tsk,... felt so sad for that... This site is used to be my home- my blog home that I used to scribbled down my thoughts, my heartaches, if I felt so sad, I even studied html codes to beautify this site of mine and it undergone so many facelifts and tempaltes change as the years passed by... It saddened me to left this portal where I dearly love so much like my mobile... My posted thoughts way way back then were still here and it is sooooo sad that you cannot view it from here since there is no archiving area where you can easily hop in and check... I have written almost close to three hundred entries in here and of course received so many comments that made me think things out... I used to love this site though it is indeed not a user friendly like the blogger/blogspot, i.ph and any other site. Not lately, I already opened an easy to use and user friendly site which is in Blogspot. And dyararan... I started to load things out there and started to love the site... I have plans of transfering some of my scribbled thougths there but then decided not to since this site is my very first one eversince.... I guess it would be better to leave it here that way and just post a link leading to my new site... I do hope Blogdrive will developed their site as times passed by... I will surely miss my blogdrive and my bonding moments I spent while writing down my thoughts in here in the wee hours of the morning.... Will miss you Bloggie!!!

*MY NeW BlOgHoMe* 


November 24, 2008   12:30 AM PST
sorry to see you go I had the same problem but know developed a site
insteadhref="http://www.howtogetmyexback.net/sailors tale1.html">
I found it just as fun but alot less work

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