Entry: To Love Monday, March 31, 2008

Excerpt from the letter of Mary Robinsons Reynolds:

When we, as a vast sea of human potential, remember to decide in favor of Love, we put powerful vibrations forward.
Full-bodied, unconditional Love, is absent of fear. It is fear and only fear which causes discord and inharmony, which can lead to separation and discord.

Throughout history, we have witnessed just how devastating the losses resulting from fear can be. Now is a great time to "practice be-ing" what we came here to offer each other.

To Love in the face of all that is not Love ...

Surrendering the need to judge - now that's courageous and empowering!

But you ask, "How does Love keep us safe from those whom we fear?"
The answer, "Have you ever dared to Love one who is unskilled in Love?"

It takes heart, guts and grace to Love.

Compassionate love is not condoning - it is the highest of vibrations, and because of this, it is transformative.

Love sometimes means stepping up and caring enough to put words to that which concerns us. This is called communication! You can speak in ways that cause harm, or you can speak from love. Practicing harmlessness is a choice.

Love sometimes means keeping quiet and simply being the Love that you are, for in this is the vibrational frequency that transforms all things unlike Love.


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