Entry: Listening Sunday, October 16, 2005

   Excuse me, excuse me... [deep sigh] these are the words I heard speaking by  the person on the other line... I am not yet through in telling him reasons and explaining things yet he is so fast to react without letting me finish first what is the reason behind... of course you will get the result as "Mis-communication"... We tend not to stop and listen first then react as soon as the other person is done... we talk so much (including me) and we always and always "failed to listen first"... I worked into a customer service and talking to clients without letting you finished talking indeed really "Sucks"...

   Patience running dry of course and my human nature is coming out ... Lord help me! These scenario made me think about how I am doing as a Chrsitian in my relationship with the Father... did I listen attentively to what is HE telling me? Or I am just like any other who are so quick to reason out on all the many things He told me to do... Oh, my! I know I am so quick to reasoned out on all the things He wants me to do... I failed to listen to HIM and alot of times I failed HIM... I must learn how to listen and of course obey afterwards.... James 1:19 Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak...   


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