Entry: Moving ON Sunday, October 09, 2005

   Last Friday:   Oh my! I left the office hurriedly hoping that i could still beat the deadline of 1800 at the Department of Foreign affairs... unfortunately I failed to do so... I can do nothing at all but to go back there this coming Monday to claim my passport... another sacrifice on the part of my work...

   Saturday:   I did wake up so early on my morning class, not late and really glad to meet new classmates and new faces. Another course, Hotel & Restaurant Services - have to do good and leave those un-helpful thoughts of mine. Lecture in the morning and Practical exam in the afternoon. It's a time pressured practical exam of different styles of Table Napkin Folding -  Oh la..la.. well, got a very good result on my exam and I did enjoyed my whole day of Saturday in that class and really can't wait for another Saturday to arrive... Went to the church after my class and attended the music ministry practise for tomorrow.

   Today:   I went to our mother church (a walk away from my office) to attend the Sunday Service. I know I needed sometime alone to contemplate and to think things over and to pray and to talk to the Father... Sunday's Message is so timely on what I have right now.. The story of Naomi - leaving the house of bread to go into a foreign land and lived there for bread.... she did lost her husband and two son's there and after that returning back to the house of bread.... sound so familiar on my situation... leaving for Dubai now does not bother me that much... I am not closing the possibility for me to go there unless the Lord tells me so...

   I'll never know what will happen, I'll never know what blessing is instored during this difficult time of my life... I'll never know how God will work into my life, but the is one thing that I am so sure of the LOrd never breaks a promise...



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