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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Idle Moments
   Nothing to do.. I am here right now at my Aunt's house... I did actually done alot of things over the net... and indeed quite tired doing some surfing, scanning, reading and reading... and feel don't like chatting today.. so I played around with the webcam and took some pictures of my self... just posting two of those....

   Here it is...

   Dyaaaarrraaannnnddddd! (",)......   


   Oh, I am just so bored... so bored that I just maketh a smile... I haven't got sleep since last Friday.... I was up until the next day which is Saturday.... I rang my Manong and Manang and have a fellowship with them... Speaking of tongues.... I'm quiet confuse for the meantime but I know it is the Lord who will deal in me about this... Things are getting absurd with me actually.... I did printed out stuff that would help me understand these things better... with the aid of the scriptures and of course with the aid of the Holy Spirit...

   Yesterday morning was indeed a morning I can't forget... It's raining hard... it maketh the streets flooded up to ankle high... LOL... Oh, I have no choice but to walk over it... my golly... I'm wearing my Malaysian Sandals that I bought from Malaysia... I loved this beaded silver princess sandals yet there is one thing that I really... really do not liked on it... it's inner sole became so slipperry when  I made my way in the middle of the flooded streets of Ayala...

   Embarrasing moment: I did fall off in the middle of the street - I got my whole back so wet as well as my tokong pants. So just to avoid any further embarrassment - I decided to picked up my sandals and walked bare feet to my office... Very funny me!! I just don't care about the people staring at me.... here I go again, started playing on the waters on my feet... though it is dirty....

   Good thing I am not late... Thank God... so tha'll be for now... bye the way let me just greet "Kenneth a happy, happy, happy birthday!!... Love you!         

Posted at Sunday, September 04, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Saturday, September 03, 2005
   There are times that I failed yet I know Failure gives color and spice to my life... sharing you this poem given to me by my wonderful friend...



Failure does not mean you are a failure;
It only means you have not succeded yet

Failure does not mean you have accomplished nothing;
It only means you have learned something

Failure does not mean you have been a fool;
It does mean you have a lot of faith

Failure does not mean you have been disgraced;
It does mean you were willing to try

Failure does not mean you are inferior;
It does mean you are not perfect

Failure does not mean you have a wasted life;
It does mean you have a reason to start afresh

Failure does not mean you should give up;
It does mean you should try harder

Failure does not mean you'll never make it;
It does mean it will take a little longer

Failure does not mean God has abondoned you;
It does mean God has a better idea.

   God uses our failures to mold us into a better person He wants us to be.Let us be assured that no matter how many times we fail, God has a purpose. He is always Faithful and True! He will never leave us nor forsake us coz He loves us so much! Let us stand firm in our faith and put on always the Armor of God in our lives to prepare us in fighting our daily battles in this world. Jesus Christ has conquered the world for us. Greater is He that is in us! The battle is His, not ours! Let's be strong and rejoice in the Lord always.

   JESUS CHRIST, the only WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! Who was and who is to come!

   God's grace is always sufficient to sustain us.

   Have a blessed day!

   May God bless you with His peace,joy,blessings, and awesome love always!

In Christ's Love,



Posted at Saturday, September 03, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Friday, September 02, 2005
Psalm 22:24

Psalm 22:24

   For he has not ignored the suffering of the needy. He has not turned and walked away. He has listened to their cries for help.

   When you feel like God has walked away. Remember he hasn't just call on him and most of all praise him. And he will move right on the scene.... Lord, I want to thank you today for always being there and never leaving us. Even when we feel like you have. Thank you Lord, for saying you will never leave us or forsake us. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Posted at Friday, September 02, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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