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Thursday, July 07, 2005
   A special day for my family... it's my mom's birthday! I actually forgot to track down time of my mom's age because for me, she is still the same mom that I got eversince.
    She is still the same mom who scold me if I done something wrong,
    she 's still the same mom who teaches me those lines that I needed to deliver in the stage,
    she's still the mom that gives me courage when I wanted to give up the competition because of those big girls & boys, 
   still the mom who always wanted me to go on and step a little farther in my life,
   still the same mom that gives me strength,
   the same mom who gave me a sponge bath when I feel so weak because of my fever,
   the same mom who cook my favorite dish,
   the same mom who loves to bargain,
   the same mom who is so good in public speaking that I admired the most,
   the same mom who always wants her dear children the best in life,
   the same mom who introduced Jesus into the lives of her children,
   the same mom that nag me if I am so hard headed to listen, 
   the same mom who will shout "Star-Tariray or TARIRAY!" in front of the crowd if I played deaf and take noticed of her,
   the same mom whom I cried when Yani died,
   the same mom who take care of me when the moment that I can't go on with my life anymore,
   the same mom who never failed to stand up for her children...

   her name should be courage since she never failed to give that to me,
   strength because she is one of the source of my strength,
   inspiration because she inspires me to hit for my goal in life,   
   joy because she brings joy into my life
   hope because seeing those eyes brings me hope to look forward of my tomorrow
   and love because she never failed to show me love and how to love...
   Mommy, your the best! your my super woman and my angel that brought me to the Father. You're one of a kind and none other to be compared of... I know I may not be the best daughter that you have but how blessed I am to have a Mommy like you. You're my best friend whom I can talk to my greatest fear and joys in life... I thanked the Lord for you Mommy - you're a rare jewel that no one can ever found.... Though you will have wrinkles and your hair will turned into grey your still the same Beautiful Mommy that I have... Thank you for everything Mommy...

   Dearest Father, I thanked you so much for giving me a wonderful mom, I know there are times that I don't want to be a daughter of my mom but then forgive me because she's the very best that you have given me and the very best that ever happened into me... I thank you Father for my mom and that be upon her as always and shower her wisdom and strength to go in life that we have... Thank you so much for every thing, indeed you are my loving God and Father... and I will praise as long as I live... Let honour and praise be yours, forever and ever... Amen...     

Posted at Thursday, July 07, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
bE sTiLL & LiStEn
   So glad to hear from friends whom I never heard of since then. I was so glad to received a mail from them actually and hearing that they are doing good and great and continue in the way to the Father uplifts my spirit up...
   I believed that these past few days I was not quick to listen to the Father in things that I have to do but instead do what I should not do... I got a mail from my spiritual brother and it was so good that he shared to me this mail from his friend in the US. Right now this sharing kept me wondering to do what I need to do...



   If you will but listen, his voice is always speaking, telling of His eternal goodness, omniscience, and power.  The marvels of the starry heavens, the day that follows night, the rain that gives life to the earth, the ship that sunders the sea, the bird that flies, the horse that gallops, the motionless rose and the still stone, the smile of a child, the palm tree that bends in the winds, the date that ripens---these all speak of His goodness and wisdom.  The trees sing of His power; the flowers waft their perfume toward Him.  He is Lord of the pink morning, the white noon and the blue evening. 

    You do not have to shout your faith;
    Thrice eloquent are the quiet trees,
    And the green listening sod.
    Hushed are the stars,
    Whose power is never spent;
    The hills are mute,
    But how they speak of God.

   Yes, God is always speaking.  But there is a secret to hearing His voice.  It will not be heard above the excited babble and din of the throng.  He will not shout to drown other voices that clamor to be heard.  He waits till all other voices are stilled and you have put away from your heart and mind all your own striving, and the din of the multitude who shouts for your attention has completely died away.  You must become insensible to the sound of all other voices and hear only the voice of His Spirit speaking to your spirit.

   There is a wonderful peace in silence.  When your brain is wracked to turmoil and you have examined every avenue for a solution to the exasperating problems that confront you only to find that your search leads you to greater confusion, it is time for silence, repentance, and listening to the voice of Christ.  He will speak and give His wisdom, but not until all other voices are silent and all other wisdom has become foolishness.  "Be still and know that I am God."  Then He breaketh the bow, maketh war to cease, cutteth the spear in sunder, burneth the chariot in the fire, and is exalted among the heathen in all the earth. Psa 46.  It was after the earthquake, the fire, and the terrific wind that Elijah wrapped his head in his mantle and listened to the still small voice of God.  "He leadeth me beside still waters," said David.  "Be still and know that I am God."

Posted at Tuesday, July 05, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Monday, July 04, 2005
Sleepy MonDay
   Arrived early as usual and you guess it right! I am soooo sleepy after my conversation with my Uncle the other night. I believed I am still dreaming on my way here in the office... as if... LOL... just kidding I have to be serious now since calls are kept on pouring in and I needed to be on-board anytime from now... heard news of my other relatives in Canada and will be so glad to meet them someday if God so permit. I am praying to have a good day today and oh... my mom's birthday is approaching and I don't know what actually to give her... but ever since she doesn't like gifts that money can buy she always tells us that our presence is enough...
   Have to go now... and I am praying to have a good day for the rest of the week... this is just a short post from me... Oh busyness what else....

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