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Monday, June 13, 2005
My Late Update

   I have been very busy since April and really don't have time to post my pictures from Boracay, Malaysia as well as the newly one just taken last Saturday... Oh, infact there alot of stories to tell and good memories to remembered most especially the one I got from Malaysia.... everything as in everything are worth remembering.... I miss those times as I looked back... it feels like still new and fresh... Time flies so swiftly it makes me feel that it happened just only yesterday....

   As I looked back My Boracay trip was indeed superb... I'm with my other colleagues all working in the same comapny... we worked in a different department but mostly from the the Cs Calls and we did knew each other but were not that close...We normally see each other on the walkway, pantry, hallway but not much of interaction just a simple "hi's and hellow's" aside from that nothing else... and as we go on into that trip we became friends as what I have called it since the bonding we have there was indeed different...

   I won't forget the time I also spend with my only brother during those days... I asked him to accompany me since my other siblings don't want to come and prefer to be in Baguio where it is cooler during summer... so nothing left but me and my brother... we shared the same cabin and I have this time spent with him which I never done for the past few years of my life... I haven't noticed my brother grew so fast and not a baby anymore... he used to be my playmate way back then since I was a tomboy when I was a little.... but then, I haven't noticed him for awhile since I was focused with my studies and work... just only lately when I heard my younger siblings bullying him about a girl... I believed this one is a very special girl because he went to see the sister of this girl working in one of the Hotels in Boracay and he was so excited and really, really so nervous.... he kept on asking me what to wear, how does he looked like or what should he design his hair... things such as those... he was so busy looking his self infront of my cabin mirror and I really can't help my self to gave a laugh at him... I have never seen him like that before... so much concious about his looks and his attire and all... sigh.. it made me to smiled at him... I also asked him if he is so hesitant to go I could accompany him, told it to him while laughing then he shot back saying "No way!".... this is my business and I don't need a help when it comes in dealing with a girl... ha.. ha.. ha.. as if he knew how to court a girl so well... so far this is what I could say he was serious huh...

   I did enjoyed my every moment spent in boracay from the beauty of the scenery in the island, the very fine white sand, the cold crystal clear water that can be seen all over the place... the different colors of the fishes that thrive in the deep coral reefs in the other side of the island... I also experienced Sunset and Sunrise in Boracay... Sunny & Raining Boracay... what else??... hmmppp.... Evening and Morning in Boracay.... Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Boracay... and you know what? I got a golden Tanned skin after my stay in Boracay.... ha..ha..ha... I also did enjoyed silent walk in the shore of Boracay having an intimate moment with the LOrd... I thanked Him for creating a place such as this one... wheewww a very beautiful place to be... I can't explained what a joy I am feeling when I was there and you know what? I don't miss home and don't want to be home.... ha..ha..ha... I wanted to stay there...

   Let me share to you my pictures of the wonderful place Boracay...

At The NAIA Domestic Airport.... Everyone is excited...

At Corporate Air Lounge - Free Breakfast!!

In the Middle of the Journey from Manila To Catiklan

Arrived At Catiklan Airport

At Casa Pilar

Started Swimming

Island Hopping, Snorkling, and of course swimminng and swimming and never ending swimming

~Group Bonding~

Lunch @ Bora

Going Home back to Manila

More of Boracay

Oh that's Jimmy Bondoc having a concert at the shore of Boracay

   Oh , done in posting my Boracay Adventures... I thank every one whom I have been with in this entire trip... You guys really indeed RoCk!....  Let me mentioned the names... Pam & her Boyfriend-Jason, Rica, Kim, Bitoy & his wife, Marvin, Jenny, Abigail & her cousin, Warren & Jeanette, Mel , Me and my Brother... by the way let me thank Mel & Pam for the pictures... Oh... thank you so much guys... really can't say much but I really...really..really... did enjoyed the fun, sun, water, sky and the sand so much... Cheers! (",)........


Sunday, June 12, 2005
Sudden Change
      Sudden Change..... nothing permanent, nothing stays together, nothing remains forever.... nothing last but frequent and constant change... but there is one thing that I know for over a thousand years He remains... He stays and always no matter what happened He is always there.... Forever He remains and forever He will stay...

      Surprise.... surprise.... I know some or most likely those who used to passed by and read this site of mine will definitely ask "What happened?" Well... I just woke up the other day to change the color and be more serious on this... LOL... I am indeed serious.... The previous template that I used for almost 6 months is the other side of me... I mean the childish side of me.... I love the color pink that I used in my fonts, scroll bars and even in the title.... I love the moving stars as my background and the falling snow and I does not care at all for all those who come by and left a comment hating my background... It's what I like actually... being so playful, so naughty and so carefree.... that's me... I am indeed very childish and I guess I have to grow up.... I did express my self very boldly for the previous months and now that my natal day is coming it made me to think and paused for awhile... hmmmmppppp, I'm not getting any younger.... and I need changes in my life... actually alot of it has already made it's way into me and now my life is just getting even better....
      My younger sister visited my site the other day and told me that if she does not know me, she would think that a 13 year old girl is the one who made the site... I just laugh at her and she did told me that I am indeed so young at heart.... and advised to change it... actually alot of friends suggested it before but I did not take time to listen to them because I am indeed like the shades of Pink, Red and Blue... but I guess it's time for me to act on my age... no wonder people think that I am much younger than my age... because I always let my childishness comes along the way... which is not supposed to be... Deep sigh... and now is the start of it... but for sure I'll always be young at heart and I always have the childishness deep within me...

Posted at Sunday, June 12, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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Saturday, June 11, 2005
My Insecurities...

   I really hated this when it comes into my self... this crept in like a poison that could kill me... deep sigh... I did enjoyed my stay in Malaysia and too obvious the food as well... and the outcome... dyarrand!!! I gained weight.... LOL.... upon return all were so surprised and cannot believed their eyes... Father, I humbly asking for your forgiveness for all my thoughts... Forgive me... I now feel so insecure and un-confident enough on my weight.... Forgive me if I let insecurity crept into me and now all my insecruties of the past kept coming back and haunting me.... I know You made me beautiful because I was formed accordingly as what is written in Psalm 139:13-14... Your the one who made me please take away this unclean thoughts that is on my mind.. fill me with your presence Lord... let me think nothing but you and you alone my dear God....

   My sharing...
   .....'Take delight in honouring each other.' Romans 12:10    
I just read something that makes me realized things over... Legend has it that when Hitler was looking for a chauffer he selected the shortest man he could find and kept him as his driver for the rest of his life. The man was so short that he needed special blocks under the driver's seat just to see over the steering wheel. Hitler used the poor guy to make himself look bigger than he really was.

   I did smiled upon reading this, I know if I feel constantly threatened by somebody else's looks or popularity or ability... it only means to say that I have a problem that needs to be dealth with... That problem I believed is "Insecurity"; it hangs around with it's mate - jealousy. It actually spoiled my day and seriously  limit my tomorrow.
   Apostle Paul says, "Take delight in honouring each other' (Romans 12:10 TLB). That means thinking well and speaking well about the people around you. It means not getting in a mood when you're not first, top or the center of attention. It only means not developing a victim complex just because I seem to have a tougher time in life then some other people. Honouring others means helping them be the best they can be in life. That's something I can do today - even if it means sacrifising one's self to do it. As I looked into my friends, their desires, their talents and their opportunities I need to find a seed in thier life that I can water with encouragement. If I do it, I know for sure that I will find a joy of seeing that person blossom before my eyes... And when I start giving out about my insecurities in life... I know those will be starved of attention and will begin to die away.... and that I can't lose!.....     

Posted at Saturday, June 11, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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