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Friday, June 10, 2005
Pressured Life

   Almost a week I wasn't able to update my post... sigh... verryyyyy, verrrryyyy bussssy indeed.... alot of new assignments, new job description has been added into my daily chores.... my manager talked to me just only last Tuesday about what I have been praying for.... Thank God that my questions has been answered... she did explained to me about all the sudden changes that has been happening lately... hayyyyy.....
   I now came to know that they are honing me to be one of the three people to be a Customer Service Specialist... I never thought of that.... all the while all I know is that I have no place to be stay to since I already learned things easily.... it's quite challening and as what I expect alot of new workload has been added.... expect the unexpected as well since I'm going to handle a team... composed of people with different attitude, values and different views in life... tough job isn't it... though I could easily blend but the thing is I am really praying so hard because I don't want to break what I am right now... what I mean to say is that I don't want to compromise in whatever I might be doing just to let these people follow me... I for sure cannot please people and for sure I don't need to please people but God.... it's different when you are in this kind of field because they are not the same as me... I know I'm different and I am looking things in another perspective now... It's really hard you know, but there is nothing to hard for the Lord as what the scripture says.... hmmppp.... everyday is a winding road.... everyday is a learning process... everyday is another day of whatever the Lord wants me to know, to feel, to understand, to do, to look at and to passed on... I just have to be focus into Him... to Him and Him alone.... 

Oh, my soul   
Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
It's been told from the beginning
The Lord your God is on your side...    

Thursday, June 02, 2005
Deep Sigh

I dunno wat to do now.... deep sigh.... another deep sigh...   

My day is almost over now and indeed very tired and very exhusted and I got a headache on my new assigned job... my superior again approached me and told me to report on a new project by Monday... I know I can't help it, but this time I did cried... "Why almost every week I am into different project bearing different job description?" that's what I asked her... I get tried and fed up on all of these that are taking place into my life right now.... I love change that's for sure...I hate same old routines and I want new ideas, new learnings that I know helps me alot to moved on and do much better... but... please not a frequent and constant change..... as I told yesterday give me sometime.... sometime to make my self be equipt with new ideas on certain things... not like this... I'm just starting to learn then pulling me out and puts me to nowhere made me inconsistent on what I have.... I know and for sure I am the most versatile agent on the floor.... It's already proven in so many ways... but of course I also get tired on being tossed around... right now all I want is to stay, be remained and to positioned my self into a job that I could go on for just a single expanse of time... deep sigh... I praying this Lord... that they may come to understand... that they may have a heart and give a consideration on what I am asking them... I am not into position to demand but I am requesting and praying all this out to you oh my God... but let YOUR will be done into my life... and please give me a willing heart to obey whatever they decide.... I pray this in Jesus mighty name.... Amen...          

Posted at Thursday, June 02, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LoVe ThEy HaVe GiVeN (1)  

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
They don't know what to do to me???

Sigh...sigh...sigh...and another deep sigh... hmmmpppp.... how would I start my story to you...

Oh... since I started liking my gaveyard schedule there goes another changes to my life again... The Management dunno what to do to me anymore!!! aaarrrhhhhggg! My supervisor talked to me yesterday and advised me that the other project needed me... Oh, my!!! I have to give up another project which I came to love and like and accepted as my new like now...... he advised me to come to office at 0930 starting today for my new schedule... would you think that's a nice idea? I don't think so... I tried to reasoned out to him to give me sometime like a week to stay in OSPR he told me that he himself really liked me in the team but the higher ups is the one who requested me to be in this project.... sigh..sigh..sigh... and more sigh.... I don't know what to do... I feel like crying in front of him but I control my emotions coming out... I did have my shades with me then told him that I need rest and will see him tomorrow... it's not that I don't like the job, actually it's flattering on my part since I was chosen among the many to handle the project and they believed in me that I can do it but the case is... why in a very short notice???... the job is indeed great and another no sweat since I am so familiar with the nature of the job as well as the system... It made me feel that they could just throw me into other project as easy as that

Well, I can't say no to them right?... I have nothing to do but to follow and no more if's & but's... that's why I am here right now seating to another agent to be familiarized again on the new job... sigh... it made me feel that they don't care at all on how am I feeling being thrown into different projects every week... actually it's alright with me but of course within reason and a period of time... it's an advantage to me as well since I will come to learn every single project the company is handling... see it's career wise decision but of course "they must give me sometime"... and guess what now I'm back on the floor again... I'm quite glad because I'm dealing with the  client again but at the same time feeling not good but still I'll do my best to this project....

Oh my God, I don't have plans and I am lifting all of this to you... I thanked you so much and please give me a willing heart to possibly do everything that I can for this project... On my own might alone I cannot do this but with your aid I know I can... so please help me God.... Amen...

Posted at Wednesday, June 01, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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