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Friday, April 15, 2005
*~ My Cup Overflowed ~*

I've never made a fortune
and it's probably too late now

But I don't worry about that much
I'm happy anyhow

And as I go along life's way
I'm reaping better than I sowed

I'm drinking from my saucer

'Cause my cup has overflowed

Haven't got a lot of riches
and sometimes the going's tough

But I've got loving ones all around me

and that makes me rich enough

I thank God for his blessings
and the mercies He's bestowed

I'm drinking from my saucer

'Cause my cup has overflowed

I remember times when things went wrong

My faith wore somewhat thin

But all at once the dark clouds broke

and the sun peeped through again

So Lord, help me not to gripe

about the tough rows I have hoed

I'm drinking from my saucer

'Cause my cup has overflowed

If God gives me strength and courage,

When the way grows steep and rough.

I'll not ask for other blessings,

I'm already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy,

to help others bear their loads.

Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed


Posted at Friday, April 15, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Thursday, April 14, 2005
~ Psalm 23 ~

   This is one of my Favorite Psalm over all the many Psalms written in the bible... This Psalm gives the very best meaning I could ever think of on how the Lord would meet our daily needs and it just show how much the Lord is there during the days of my life here on earth... this Psalm has promises as well and that with further studying I came to know what are those promises enveloped the verses in this Psalm 

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepeherd - Relationship 
I shall not want - Supply
He makes me to lie down in green pasture - Rest
He leads me beside the still waters - Refreshment
He restores my soul - Healing
He leads me in the paths of righteousness  - Guidance
For His name sake - Purpose 
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death - Testing
I will fear no evil  - Guidance
For You are with me - Protection
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me - Discipline
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies - Hope
You anoint my head with oil - Consecreation
My cup runs over - Abundance
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me - Blessings
All the days of my life - Security
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever - Eternity

Posted at Thursday, April 14, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
~ Not a Baby Anymore! ~

We can never tell
We can never knew
What Lies ahead
What lies beneath

Time flies so swiftly
Changes it has brought
Nothing remains permanet
But a constant Change

   It's been awhile when I spend time with my youngest sister Precious. I remembered when the two of us hang out together last December, I am amazed how'd she has grown. Indeed time flies so switfly...the other day I saw her crying which I don't know and understand why? My other siblings were teasing her... I never mind, little did I know my sister is not a baby anymore.... "May Boyfriend na sya!"..... I was alarmed and really cannot believed... LOL ... my sister is already a grown up lady now... I remembered it was just like yesterday when I first taught her, her first ABC's and her first 1,2,3... and when I used to tie her shoe lace and send her to school... sigh "Parang Kelan lang... I was there during her growing up years... time flies so fast, I still think that she is still our baby but not anymore... Father, I'm lifting my sister to you. Guide her that she may be on the right track leading to you, shower her knowledge and wisdom that she may be able to lean not on her own but to you and to you alone... bless her and always be upon her...In this I pray in Jesus name.. Amen...      


Posted at Wednesday, April 13, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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