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Saturday, February 26, 2005
~ A Busy Day ~

~ Client Logic
~ Dinner @ Pizza Volante
. . . I met Manang Lizette. . .
~ Met Lorena
~ Street Party
~ Roamed around the City


Hold me close
let your love surrounds me
bring me me near
draw me to you side
and as I wait
I'll rise up like an eagle
and I will soar with YOu
Your Spirit leads me on
By the power of Your love

   I'm praying LOrd, please be upon me... let your will be done into my life Lord. I thank you so much. I stayed behind and cleaned the house. I enjoyed the scenery that makes me to stand most of my time in front of the door staring on the sky, the pine trees, the mountains, hay.... talagang ang Ganda, ganda nya Lord... I feel your presence seeing your hand working on all of these.... ang bango ng hangin and ang lamig, lamig.... I did my sister's laundry which she asked favour for me to do before she left the place... I am praying and having my fasting...Lord, how I love having these intimate moments with you. That I am thinking nothing but you...what a joy that I have into my heart... after I'm finished on the laundry I took a bath and went to Client Logic to pass my resume... Lord kaw na pong bahala sa kin huh....

Client Logic

   Ooppss, they don't have office..I almost forgot it's Saturday pala so I went back to the house and waited for my sister to arrive... I told her that I will be meeting a dear friend today.

Meet Lizette @ Pizza Volante
   My sister suggested a very nice place to dine and to meet this special freind of mine... She suggested to meet her @ Pizza Volante. Well, the place is good and only in Baguio. They don't have branches way down in Manila and I believed they all have the very best up there in Baguio. Wow, they are serving Italian and European foods... starting from the pasta as well as the pizzas... the price is competetive enough to well known pizza parlor.

   I kept on texting this friend of mine, me and my sister was so excited to meet her.... mas lalo na koh... my sister told me what is so special about this friend of mine that I have to carry all such stuff and made me to look for the nearest PCBS...and indeed I can't hide the excitement in my eyes staring at the street looking for Manang Lizette. I told my sister that I will be meeting the Fiance' of my very best friend.... then she made the order already of a huge Italian Pizza and of course Pasta the specialty of the house... Well, Manang LIzette with her company arrived I was as happy as ever. I am on my same self so happy to meet her, so bubly and so noisy welcoming her.

   ...Sigh...Things weren't the same with her....I haven't heard any single word from her I tried to open up a conversation but she is as cold as "Frozen"... why so sudden everything change and gone so sour and so cold???.... Lord, would this be the effect of me being so honest about my feelings?? I believed something had been shaken up between the two of us....LOrd, all the while I have been very honest to her... since from the start I did not kept my feelings to Manong.... I accepted things open arms...Lord, I already accepted the fact that Manong does not love me and will never learn to love me.... I already undergone into that know how I did struggle from the pains and hurts Lord...and now I can make it in through the rain...and I can face things now with a smile..... I have given up to you Lord, everything that I am.... I believed that when she told me that she already forgiven me Lord I feel free from the pain...... Lord, my sister is a firm Christian and as far as I know she could discern spirits of a person. Well, Manang Lizette did not stayed long and bid good bye I still wanted her to feel that I indeed love her.... I hugged and kissed her. It saddened me Lord, because for a very short time that I have spent with her. It hurt me because I felt not being forgiven on what I have done.... Lord, I believed that I have done nothing wrong but to fall in-love...I never thought all the while Lord that I will still be falling in-love again...and to a person who already loved someone.... Lord, when she left.... my sister asked me if that am I really her friend? because she seem so distant and just staring at me and doesn't seem to be happy seing me around.. I did rebuke her and told Shine please.... I love this person and that meeting her today gave me the answer that I have been asking the Lord before going up here... now I believed that I have to finish and cut all the remaining communication connected me to the two of them...I am at peace in doing that and I know that is what You what me to do as well...

   Lord, you have given me life and you have plans in me. I thank you so much Lord for this day and I believed Lord that you let things such as this one to happen with reason and plans....

   Met Lorena ( My sister's Friend & Officemate)

   My sister know what I have felt after my encouter with Manang Lizette, I cannot hide it to her that I am really hurt and I felt so sad about the friendship that we already had and to cheer me up she called her friend Lorena to meet us @ SM Baguio. She also knew as well that I love to meet new friends and that letting me meet her friend would somehow changed my mood...(nice try sis.... because it did).. I met Lorena and she is a bubly person just like night was different then...we did not stayed long because they have office tomorrow...after we said our goodbyes...

   Street Party

   My sister and I, did not headed home so we stayed behind and danced the night away with Baguio's street party. We are not actually with the crowed dancing but we were there to witness every move of the crowd. It was too cold and yet people dancing makes the place hot and even hotter... sigh.... actually I did not enjoyed much because it is not my life anymore... I have given it all up to the Lord when I accepted Him... 

   Roamed the City

   Baguio is very Lovely at night and the wind that hovered the place is so cold that made me chill all the way home. In the middle of the night fireworks display graces the night sky...I forgot being sad for awhile yet it is still there and I just prayed it out to the Lord....                    

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Friday, February 25, 2005
~ Baguio , At Last! ~

Edsa Holiday
My Very First Afternoon Travel

Thank you Lord, BAGUIO at last!
......Prepare me Oh, LOrd.... and make me see your love as your hand carry me.....

Dear Lord,

   Thanked You for this day....I'm leaving Manila, off to Baguio. What is your plan Lord? I really don't know for sure....prior to my travel I helped my mom as well as Apples doing the laundry then went off with my brother... for sure I will miss Manila but I am much more excited in things that will happen when I arrive Baguio...

   Lord, I believed that you know for a fact why I am going up to Baguio, first is to have a break from the irregularities that I have been through, break from my problems for the past few days, break from my aching heart, break from all the things that has been caught up into me... I know Lord that I needed a rest as what my supervisor told me to have.... sigh .... I thank thee Lord, that in everyday of my life, you are always there healing me and guiding me... I need a break to pause for a while, un-wind, to contemplate and think things over again.... another reason why I need to go up is that to test the Spirit and my self as what my Manong told me before we parted.... I am about to meet her fiance and that I know I have lifted up everything to the Lord before I will meet her... Lord, you know for a fact that I have been into deep struggle to fight and to stand and to go on my life after the storm... and you are so loving to let me feel your love. You are so good to cover me from pains and hurts... I thank you so much...

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   I didn't sleep the whole way going up to Baguio...sigh...hmmmpppp...Baguio my dream place...I don't know but it sounds crazy but I did it before....I was only 16 then when I set a foot to Baguio...and I "Fell in-love" with the place... I prayed to God .... "Lord please bring me back again to this place"... and from that time on the Lord is faithful to bring me back again and again to Baguio.... and now I am so much excited to be at Baguio again.... I really can't hardly wait... I am looking outside my window and from my place I could see the City glowing in the middle of the mountains which is covered by the fog enveloped by the darkness of the night.... It is so beautiful. Baguio is indeed so lovely at night. The moon si shining so brightly accompanied by the stars gracing the evening sky...ohhhh..... It makes me even more so excited.... finally, the bus stopped to its final destination and I hurriedly go down and inhalled the scent of the sweet pine trees leaves and feel the evening breeze of Baguio...Lord, praise you for bringing me safe and sound...Praise you for a wonderful feeling of being home at Baguio....I waited for a while then my sister Sunshine arrived to pick me up but I decided to walked all the way to her place..         

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Thursday, February 24, 2005
~*~*~Please Handle Me~*~*~

Office Floor and looking forward to my vacation...

   Dear God,

   Thank you for this day! Indeed I am so excited for this day to be ended and I am really can't hardly wait to be home and to be at Baguio again. My mind is moving forward wishing that I am at Baguio na already...sigh..How I wish I I miss the cold and gentle wind that would touch my skin from the moment I step down from the I miss the smell of sweet pine leaves that hovering the whole Baguio....the strawberry, the beautiful mountain slopes and the zigzag road....the colorful flowers adorn the pathways..Oh...I miss Baguio....the entire Baguio itself..... 

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    I know this day would be another busy day again for us. Calls are kept on pouring in again and irate clients are most of the calls that I received. Dear Lord, please shower me more patience to deal with them and to treat them right and even respect them. I thank you for this day...Thank you so much...

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   Forgive me Lord, if I have offfended you in one way or another...I can't remember any for the moment but I know deep in my heart I did...Please Lord forgive me and please do stay into me so that I will be strong as ever to handle all of what I got or will have for this whole day....Please Lord, handle me so that I could do things pleasing in your eyes.....

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   Praise you Lord forever as long as I live...

   Forever will praise You,
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Posted at Thursday, February 24, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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