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Friday, February 18, 2005
~ Thank God! It's FrIdAy ~

ThAnK GOD! iT's fRiDaY...

   Wheww...yeheyyyyy! It's Friday and it's weekend and it only means to say that I will be having a two days of rest, chruch service and of course sleep. Oh noh! I almost forgot but Ms Jownie advised me to have an over-time again tomorrow and Kuya Joel also invited me to joined the group to watch for a musical concert-play in San Juan. I can't say "No" since that is the only time this Kuya of mine asked a favour from me. Well, I accepted the offer and praying that God please be upon into the music ministry member, touch their hearts that there will be somebody to stand up and lead the whole congregation for the Chruch Service this coming Sunday. I know God you wanted me to attend the group this Saturday and pls give me a sign if I will go or not.

   Another week again and indeed time flies so siwftly. Parang kelan lang....Pasko ang just only last Monday Valentines day now the month is almost ended and March is fast approaching. Hayyy....panahon nga na man....Tomorrow will be another day to look forward to while yesterday are memories where I looked back from....what lies ahead of me....that I do not know...Surprise...surprise...Let God hold my future and let you be God be my guide.....bless me Oh Lord that I may be a blessing to others as well....

   Went home late after an over-time and updating my blog....

Psalm 104:19
The mOOn marks off the seasons,
and the sUn knows when to go down.

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Posted at Friday, February 18, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

John 3:16

   For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    -- John 3:16

   What else is there to say, other than "Praise God!" and "Thank you Jesus!"

   Thank you for loving me with an everlasting love, dear Father. I love you, too, and look forward to sharing the biggest part of my life with you in your presence. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Posted at Friday, February 18, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Thursday, February 17, 2005
~ When she started to ask... ~

WhEn sHe StArTeD tO ASK...

   The week is almost ended and I did not noticed it. Busy..busy...busy...I am so busy on my job...goodness grace!!! If you happen to ask me what made my day? First is that I woke up 0200 in the morning, do my morning devotion, then prepared my self for work, then headed to the office, opened my mails and answered some, then take calls, update my blog, over-time until 1700 then went home straight, prepared myself to go to bed then take a good night sleep @ 0800. See, my work almost ate my life except on weekends. Gosh, I have to gave up my cell group for this I miss them so much and that I am praying that somehow things will be back again. I'm lifting all these up to You oh, LOrd.

   It's been awhile when I stopped mentioning the name of Manong inside the family and my sisters most especially "Precious" are wondering what happened to him these past few days. I myself don't know what is the latest about him since I stopped communicating to him by choice(I know it is God's permissive will that happened). She was just so curious why I haven't mentioning his name for the past couple of weeks which I just told her I know he's doing fine and in the best of health and God is glorified in everything he says and do....I know that despite of trials that would come across his way he will be able to stand up to all of those because God will be his strenght and courage for all of those. Then Precious will just listen and would asked again any learnigns and sharing from him? I just tell her... oh, none for the moment because he is so busy to his work and same with me. We both don't have time to chat anymore.....then still un-contented on my reasoning she will just tell me "hay, kailangan ko nang mag-on-line!" then she'll walk away from me....a deep sigh will come out from me again...Lord, I'm praying for everything and that I believed you make things settled out for this...

   I have a very hard time negotiating to my supervisor about my plans of going to Baguio. They knew for a fact that I already filed a vacation leave for three days yet they are kept on ignoring me for that request...I understand it because the volumes of the calls are kept on pouring in and that we are needed to meet some quotas for this. Oh God, be upon me and that shower me more of patience to endure and carry on all of this. I'm praying that you will touch the hearts of my supervisor as well.

   Why I wanted to go there? maybe you will is because I need to unwind and take a break from all of my scheduled routine...I think I needed a pause after all the problems that I have cause, I think I needed to stopped for a while and to examine myself, I think I needed to be free from all of these, I think I need to comtemplate on what is happening on me lately, and most of all I think there is a needed for me to talk to God and have an intimate moment with Him again.....all of these were raised up WhEn ShE sTaRtEd to AsK (Precious & Apples).

   Another day will passed and all of these will be forgotten yet God's promises are treasure to hold and to cling on which gives me hope and motivates me to go on and continue living.....

Psalm 42:11
Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my savior and my God. 

Rolling Eyes


Posted at Thursday, February 17, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

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