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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
~ After the Storm ~

After  the  Storm

Psalm 86: 5-7
You are forgiving and good,
O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you
Hear my prayer, O Lord;
Listen to my cry for mercy.
In the day of my trouble I will call to you,
for you will answer me.

   Dear God,

   I thanked thee for all that you have done to me. For all what I got right now is because of you. You have given me hope to go on and to continue to live my life. You have used people to encourage me to moved on and run the race. God, I thank you so much for so many blessing that you have bestowed upon me, friends may come and go yet you are still there holding me. They failed and I failed to give love and to love them back give yet you never did. Truly indeed you are my God. I thanked thee for everything, I know for sure that You are always there for me and that you always hear me out even though that I am so stubborn and hardheaded. Lord, I’m lifting up to you my heart and I’m letting you handle everything that I have got. I know you are listening to my cry and I thank you Lord for making me experienced trials, hurts, amd pains. Thank you so much for this wonderful day….all praises ans glory are yours as long as I live…

**I opened my e-mails and answered mails from friends and guess what? I received an un-expected mail from a dear friend that I haven’t heard for a while…surprised…surprised…indeed I am so glad to hear from him again and to talk to him again…he just arrived from Alaska and he has a lot of stories to tell…LOL…just like me as if everything was stored up into a room and now is the time to unlock all of it…LOL…I am so happy to hear from him again and that I am so blessed on his story of faith. I know for sure that God worked into him after all these time that he is away and that I never failed to include him into my prayers as well…Keep it up Donald and that let God use you for His glory I am so blessed hearing your stories way back there in the snow covered place Alaska…..

   My day goes smoothed yet calls are kept on pouring in…but I can handle it with ease unlike the previous days when I am into the stage of letting go…I can say I am not hurt anymore and that I can smile again and danced my troubles away…LOL…thank you Lord for this…I know God is preparing me to another stage of my life…truly there is always a time for everything in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven….a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…..a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace…..

   I don’t know what to think now but I am indeed so happy that I have gone through all of those…"heart broken?" no I’m not…I think I’m just starting and preparing my self to fall in-love again…LOL….and I know that after the storm God will make all those things beautiful in His time…in Ecclesiastes 3:10 He has made everything beautiful in its time……..indeed in your God's perfect time....

Posted at Tuesday, February 15, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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Monday, February 14, 2005
~ Love ~


Love is the best thing in the world,

and the thing that lives the longest.

Henry Van Dyke


My Favorite Verse..

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind.

It does not eny, it does not rude,

It is not self-seeking, it it not easily angered,

It keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

It always protects, always trusts,

Always hopes, always preseveres.

Love never fails…


   Everyone around me were all so noisy and gigling about where to go and celebrate Valentines day… all my officemates were so excited thingking what is the best possible ways to celebrate it…Sigh…this is what the world know about celebrating Valentines Day huh…. Well, I just smiled and shrugged off my shoulder when they asked where will I be after my shift I just told them Oh! I have a bible Study to attend…some others are telling me to get a date or they will arrange a date for me…the hell no! I told them…I don’t need a date to make my Valentines day complete "Helloooo"…. They think I am really weird when I have given up dating long ago (almost two years now after my very first boyfriend died). Well, it didn’t make me envied them but I feel so happy seeing them happy as well yet compassion because little did they know that love is not just only during "Valentines Day!"… I have my favorite verse which is the very profound and very good description of every form of Love…Love from opposite sex, friend, mom or dad, siblings and most of all Love of God to us….that’s the greatest Love that no one can ever give to us….I did studied it each line, each idea enveloped into are the sum up total of how much God love me and you…very ideal…and non other to compare. I cried after reading it once in a while when there are times I felt not being love and rejected…then I asked forgiveness that there is no human can ever take God’s place into my heart and into my life…though it is written indeed that we are created for a relationship wherether if that is a friendly relationship, love relationship, parent-child relationship and Lord and servant relationship…but it doesn’t necessarily means to say that we are not exempted of hurts, trials, and pains when love is involve…

   I thank you Lord once and for all for giving love into us and for letting us feel love…your Love oh Lord is the greatest among all of love that has been defined by human minds…your love cannot be measured held of weight…love is the answer to the mystery…love makes the world to go around…yet about all of those…the LOVE of GOD is the greatest love of all…

Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!….


   * I cheked my mails and indeed felt so glad to find my Tita Juliet’s e-mail to me saying how am I doing…and guess what? she is asking what do I want for me to have on her package this March……I told her that I wanted to have a bag that has a lot of compartment on it where I could put my stuff and of course I want it "Red" or "Black"…then I also asked for my favorite cologne which is the "Green Tea & Cucumber or Green Tea & Melon by Bath and Body works Pleasure…wow…wow..wee….

   *I arrived early in the office today and send a greetings to all my chums through their cellphone of a "Happy, happy Love Day today!" got reply form my Best Friend Chinnie, Myla, Manang Lizette, Shing and my sister….lol…..

   *Felt so sad when I was already decided to be put on the floor again as a front-liner…Sigh…when can all of these end?… is there any end?

   Let God be God for all of these….thank you for a wonderful day Lord….truly indeed you are my God…

Posted at Monday, February 14, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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Saturday, February 12, 2005
~ My MoM, mY FrIenD ~

My MOM,  my Friend.....

Dear Lord,
Please do not just make me a good daughter
to my mom but make me a good friend of her.
A friend who could hear her out and give her
cheer. I pray this in Jesus name.

   I don’t know what comes into my mind when I said "Yes" in having an over-time in the office for almost 6 hours…= Haller = …LOL…(laughing into my stupidity)..well, the time is worth spending because I finished my blue diary and I also have some learnings and I burried my self in reading my bible…really a very beautiful day spent learning His words and praying….I have my fasting for the whole day because I feel that there is a need for me to stop for awhile and enjoy His presence…prior to my over-time I had a very touching and a crying moment with my mom.

   My mom shared to me her problems and that some of her hurts and pains in us (her children). I know for sure how she is feels since she don’t have someone to shared her problems with . Oh God, forgive me if sometimes I failed to listen to my mom when she tried to reach us out and when she tried to lean on us. Being a single mom who is a widow is so hard Lord….and to think Lord she remained un-married despite of suitors knocking on her door…she devote her time to us Lord and I know my mom deserves to be happy somehow…forgive me Lord if sometimes I get angry with my mom and forgive me Lord if there are times I answered her back..forgive me Lord if I causes her pains and Lord forgive me if I tend not to listen to her and that if I have little annoyance into my heart for things that she what me to do which I totally dislike…that I felt being un-love when I feel preassure when it comes in times of financial needs…

   Lord, you know that despite all of these I LOVE MY MOM so much…..that she’s the only one I got, my prized jewel…and my inspiration to make a bold stand and move into everything that I do…that because of the love I have for her I struggled to study hard to maintain being a scholar until I finished college…Lord, remember when I was only 16 in the eve of May 1997 on the same place where I used to pray and have my devotion…I prayed about my mom..that "Please do not take her yet…because she still deserves to be happy and she deserves to enjoy what she sown into me, into us her children.." remember Lord that I am crying so hard that night praying to you that Please add another year into her life…and You did Lord…which I am so thankful of…Thank you so much Lord..and Lord please make me a good daughter to my mom and not just a good daughter but a good friend….In this I pray in Jesus name . amen..

   After her sharing I asked her to pray which I leadeth and after our prayer I kissed and hugged her…I Love you Mommy…let me be your friend…

   I rang my sister SunShine in Baguio and heard news about her and shared some of our struggles in walking in the faith. Lord, thank you for this day, indeed we have a lot of things to tell each other when I go there next week. I asked her to pray and that Lord, you did made my day complete…

   I went home afterwards and go directly to the church to practise the songs for tomorrow’s service. Lord, I offer my day to you..and you alone deserves my glory and praise….

Posted at Saturday, February 12, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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