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Friday, February 11, 2005
~ LovE sTruCK ~



   Last night’s IVPM gathering is totally awesome! The discussion was great and indeed very helpful to give me insights about the Christian way of Love and Relationship….indeed very timely for the upcoming Valentines Day this MOnday…we have panellist of different couples who are married for 28 years, 18 years, for just 10 months, steady couple for 4 years and a single male and female…each couples have different struggles to live and let their relationship always on the right track. <Sigh> and hirap pala… most of them almost ended up their relationship yet because of the Lord they were able to survive all of those…there is only one thing that striked my mind all of them were "Christians"… and it only gave me an impression that I should not be yoked together with an un-believer…well…that is one in my…some of the questions I got in mind was answered by the panellist and hearing their stories gave an idea what kind of a Christian partner to be that I am hoping or dreaming of to have someday….indeed God is so good to answer all of that just like what I always says… ~Patiently I’ll Wait~ The struggle of being a single is also different a lot of temptaion are there and that if you are not strong enough with the Lord you will fail to follow, which I am so scared of to happened but in God’s grace I know I can stand it all…I dreamed of those to happene because God is the one who gave me that dream….I believed it’ll happen in His time…in His perfect time….I will survive all of the trials, pains, suffering and temptations because God will be my aid and armour so that I could stand it all….

   About the discussion, I also got some points to ponder like…. "Both of you must not just be a two good lovers but two good forgivers!"…… Hayyyy….ang sarap ma-inlove noh!!!…. attending this gathering gave a highlight of my week and it made my heart to hope again to fall in-love at the righ time, to the right person, and on the right place…everything would be perfect because God interceeds me to the person He intended for me….Prise God for all of these…

Nothing compares in this wolrd to the love God has given us.
For we may find reasons to love,
But God loves us even without reasons..


*Text message from Kuya Joel….
In life, we seldom find a TRUE person
And if you ever find one, hold on and never let go.
Value that person coz it’s lifes gift worth .
Darating din Cia…

*Got a text message from Chinnie saying…
By the way Star, I already told my dad that I’m a born-again Christian already.
I explained to him everything. He even called me and we talked.
Star, I wanted to be baptized..Muwahh I love you…
15:17:08/ 02-10-2005

Posted at Friday, February 11, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Thursday, February 10, 2005
~ bLeSsEd FrIEndS ~

BLessed  Friends



Blessed are the friends who keeps on giving

Who never seem tired of being there


Blessed are the friends who seems so willing to go

The extra mile because they care


Blessed are the friends who keep believing

Who bring a touch of faith to all they do


Blessed are the friends who gives life meaning

Who always there when you’re feeling blue


Blessed are the friends who speaks of blessing

Who brings life a colorful sparkling


Old friends, good friends, special friends, caring friends,

Thoughtful friends, new friends, and a loving friend like you


I want to keep on telling over and over

Just what a blessing it’s been to me


Having a friend like you

Is finding joy over and over again


I dedicate this poem to all my friends who gave my life a colourful sparkling and meaning.

To Best Friend Chinnie, you indeed is such a blessing! Keep the faith sister!

To Myla, keep on hoping and count me in for those who are praying for “The Prince”..join me in waiting for him to come along.

To Dhang, continue on looking for the light which is the Lord to guide you and to give you direction to your path. You already accepted Him and that make Him the master of your life and let HIm handle all what your plans are.

To Lizzette, keep on trusting “HIM” for only God is the source of our love and Him only deserves all glory. You are really such a “Big Ate to me!”

To Michelle, my super-bait-super-understanding-supervisor on the floor, thank you so much for your understanding and never ending support in my abilities. You lighten up my load when we are on the floor,

To Debbie & Gladys, let blessings over-flows and fortune be upon it’s way to you always, thank you for being so generous to me.

To my Cell Group whom I cherished and enjoyed the company so much namely Papabear Kuya Joel, Super-sweet Kuya Jhun, Amazing Grace, Cutie Shing, Smiling Faith, Laughing Brenda, Business minded Kuya Bryan and Playful Jonathan – thank you guys for adding spice into my life, indeed being part of the group is such a blessing…

To my highschool Chums Bedern, Joanne, Ckeith, Jhing, Jr, Emmilyn and Mea – thank you for keeping in touch as always despite of our busy life, career and schedules,

To my on-line buddies – Eliza – for sharing her life in Saudi Arabia, Frederick – a very good friend from Belgium who are always there to share me his new stories and a very good story teller, Jacob – who never failed to answered all my mails,

To Donald – who is in Iceland and whom I misses all his stories of the place, it's view, most especially the snow..
I love to hear your stories of God working on your life... I know that you are wishing to be home soon in your place, keep safe....

To Tita Juliet, who treated me as her niece and a close friend...I thank God for you. 

May He bless you even more Tita so with your family..

To Manong Andrew, let God be glorified in everything you say and do.

Thank you for letting God used you in manifesting His love to me and being a “BIG Brother” to me.

 To Fr. Victor  Pacheco, CM. - my foster DaD,  I thank you so much for your support to my  
studies and for giving me encouragement during those days. YOu know how much I badly needed and wanted to have a dad which I have found in you. Thank you for being kind to Yani as well.  

The last but not the least my MOM, thank you mommy for your love and for being a good friend to me.
Thank you for being not just a mom but a very, very, very good best friend as well...


To all my other friends whom I forgot to mentioned….

GOD bless you as always


Posted at Thursday, February 10, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
~ DesPIte of PainS & tRouBles ~

Despite of pains and troubles...

   I don’t have any other highlights after the last one that I have been through with my spiritual brother, honestly speaking I miss him so much but I thank you Lord that everyday you have given me hope and everyday you are healing me to forget him and to live the life I once had just like before my spiritual brother came into the picture… You have given me hope Lord to continue living just like what is written on the books of Psalms 71:14…"I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more"…

   Let me thank you Lord and praise you that despite of those troubles and pains you maketh me able to stand and to lean and trust you even more just like what is written in ..Psalms 71:20 " Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depth of the earth you will again bring me up."…Praise you Lord for this, I know my life will still continue without him in my life anymore and I thank you for knowing and meeting wonderful friends from this walk of life of mine…

   I can’t think of about something today…I don’t know why?…perhaps I am too tired for the past few days thinking and dealing with what I have…LOL…(Smile)…. Well, I am indeed so stressed out yet it didn’t ruined my day. I praise you, God for giving me a very busy day to delve into with. I’m busy doing, updating, leaving messages, posting comment into my blog as well as into other blog, I found my cell phone beside my station already stopped charging (I forgot it the whole night huh..)..I went downstairs to claimed my friend’s picture and stole another minute of my lunch break which is 0830 in the morning (could you believe it’s my lunch break..LOL) to dropped by at Shing’s office to say Hi! And to get the exact time of the gathering of iV’s tomorrow night. The calls kept pouring in like a water..sigh…. but before I forget let me greet my sister…

Ate Moonjay


Birthday Surprise Party


 "HaPpY, hApPy BIrThDaY!

Were not getting any younger…LOL… ROTFL 

Have to park right now and can’t hardly wait for the event tomorrow…Yehhey

Posted at Wednesday, February 09, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

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