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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
~ The Cry of My Heart ~

ThE cRy Of My HeArT

   Thank you Lord for another day…thank you Lord for another life…thank you Lord for another sunshine, thank you Lord for another work, thank you Lord for another trials and most of all I thank you Lord for another hope…..indeed every day is another day to be thankful of…


   Calls kept on pouring in…sigh…when this could be ended…Aussie’s are quite irate….packages are delayed…couriers are offended…and me wanted to take a break…sigh…Lord shower me a million of Patience for today…..Your words oh God is my delight…it gives me courage and gives me hope…it is like a cool water flowing from the mountains with snow covered Alps….and truly indeed refreshes my tiring soul….


   Got mails from my yahoo group and from a dear friend…really very touchy and encouraging….fellowship with my spiritual brother on-line it made my day complete….Thank so much Lord for all of these friends and that Lord I am praying to you to please bless them and prosper the works of their hands…..Hope I could meet them face to face…..


   A lot of work still awaits me into my inner court (another office) after my reinforcements has been forward into the open ground (floor)..My tiring body wants to say I have to retreat yet my mind says no and continue the fight….survivors I may be but not enough for my soul still longs for triumph to reach…


   Sigh…when will I tell him that I love him so…and that Lord I’m lifting this up to you…but why …Oh why I’m feeling this….which I myself cannot deny…I hated this, you know it’s true for each day I live I know it’s true….but God oh why it’s me to feel this way…when all along I don’t needed this…It’s not hidden from you Lord that I’m willing to wait but please not this person that I treasured most…Oh God! Bakit sya pa???....Lord, I’m crying this out hard into you and that Lord if this was not meat to be and if he’s not meant for me then please take this away from me…Oh God…please take this away….I don’t want to feel this way….but Lord if he is meant for me then please let this stay and give me patience for him to wait ..that the love inside of him for me be awaken in Your time…Oh God….you know me full well and that ~ Patiently I’ll Wait ~ …let me be still and love him in silence of my heart…..Lord, I’m lifting him up to you…I’m lifting my heart into you…handle it and don’t make me fall….make me strong into You…let your love covers me again….When the darkness fills my senses be there oh God…be there and make me home…be there and Let me feel you Lord and be there to comfort me….let me feel your love instead and let me enjoy your company… Your time I know it’ll happen and that let me wait for him…..~Patiently I’ll Wait ~….


Posted at Wednesday, January 19, 2005 by Star-Tariray
LeT mE kNoW UR tHoUgHtS.......  

Tuesday, January 18, 2005
~ Lovely Day ~

  LoVeLy DaY


Psalm 119:76-77

May your unfailing love be my comfort,

According to your promise to your servant.

Let your compassion come to me that I may live

For your law is my delight…

   I left the house feeling so relaxed not knowing what lies ahead of my whole day. I just gave it all up to the Father and let him handle whatever my day would be. I talked with my spiritual brother on-line and did have sort of sharing on what happened yesterday, on how God deals with each other. Indeed I am so blessed for this brother. In the middle of my work I received a call from my friend Chinnie…she was crying and hysterical…God please be upon her….I asked her to pray with me and that she must calm down because you are God who is able to handle those problems that she had…when we hung up she is already alright. I promised her that I would meet her after my work.

   I dropped by to one of my cell group member just to say Hi and to give Art Katz copy of Apostolic Conversion. Lord, how I miss this Monday cell group that I have…. I’m praying that I might have a better job so that I may continue in attending in this group…

   Went to meet Chinnie and indeed I thank you Lord that she is all right when I arrived into her place. She told me all about what happened to her. Sigh …love life… Oh my God! I know how much you loved her and that Oh Lord you used me to share to her the love that you will give to her…she was in terrible pain and really suffering from the hurts and pains of breaking up, but Lord, I know you are able to heal her and that You are so mighty to make her stand on whatever grounds she is right now. After hearing her out, It’s my turn to shared to her what God wanted me to say…I know somehow she was offended but it is you Oh Lord who gave that to me to be said unto her….I praised you Lord that you gave her an open heart and an eagerness to earnestly seek you…she asked me that she don’t want to suffer in hell when the end comes and that she wanted to be saved but she don’t know how….I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to lead her into the scriptures pertaining to salvation and that the promised of love and forgiveness of the Lord. …It was indeed a night to remember when this Best Friend of mine accepted the Lord….I rejoiced Oh God on what you have done to her…. She was crying so hard in repentance and humiliation in front of the Lord and that she accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal Savior…. After we prayed she asked me to teach her how to pray and I taught her just the basic and advised her that Praying is like talking to the Father. Conversing to Him just like into a friend and asking the Holy Spirit to lead you into praying. She also did asked me on how to use the bible, on how to find passages into it. Indeed we spend the night away into a bible study. I am indeed so happy because it makes me feel like a Sunday school teacher again teaching a child who is starting to know the Lord and You know full well that I really love it!!!…

   Oh God, I love you even more…and I love this friend as well. Thank you Lord that you have blessed me with friends who appreciated me and makes me feels so special and loved. Thank you so much and truly you fill my day with LOVE…indeed a ~ Lovely Day ~ ...

Posted at Tuesday, January 18, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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Monday, January 17, 2005
~ Thankful Monday ~

Thankful   Monday

Psalm 146: 1-2

Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord, O my soul
I will praise the Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

   Lord, let this day be yours and that bless me and make me a blessing for others as well. I arrived early and I started scanning all my mails. Received invitations, new letters from new friends and other mails. God I don’t know what lies ahead of my day but I’m lifting all of these up to you. May my day be filled of YOU. I started to engrave a letter for my cell group that I might not be able to attend to them because of the new schedule that my supervisor gave me. I don’t feel so sad about it but surely I will miss them so much. Lord, will I need to give up all of what I have in order for me to grow in YOU? <Sigh> I don’t feel any regret at all for all of these I know you allow things happened in order for me to learn something…

   I spent my lunch break having a fellowship with my spiritual brother. I told him about the scriptures that bothers me and he did explained it plainly. Told him about giving up my affiliations in order for me to opened other doors for growth and development. Thank you Lord for all of these…. I shared to him how much I felt joy when I met friends who appreciated me and that who loved me for being me…really great joy that for so long of my 23 years in life it is only now I found and met such a friend. Dear God, it was so long ago that I longed and asked for a friend and now you showered me plenty of those. Thank you so much, you blesses me with rare jewels….forever praise be yours…amen…

Posted at Monday, January 17, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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