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Sunday, January 16, 2005
~ Surprsing Sunday ~

Surprising Sunday!

   Good Day!......sigh.....God is able and really God...he makes things with reason and purpose...

   Lord, I thank you so much for this day! It is another day again of your love and grace…. my sister did not wake up early, sigh….have nothing to do but to stand again to cover her. Lord until when will her heart be hardened? Until when oh Lord. I’m praying and lifting this up to you, in Jesus name. The service went out so smoothed and fine and Lord I know you are the one who worked out on this and I really so thankful for all of that. Thank you so much.

   With my elder sister we went to cyber café to check our e-mail boxes while me, to update my on-line journal. Whewww…..thank YOU so much for such a wonderful day Oh God. I have seen my spiritual brother on-line and he told me that he had a very different weekend…Oh noh! I never thought that something happened to him last Thursday night and that I am indeed so surprised about how his story came to be…. Truly you oh God, works in different ways and that YOU is indeed sovereign that makes things with His plans and purpose. I was so blessed upon his story and that Oh Lord his weekend inspires me. It is indeed surprised me and that Oh God made me even more to take courage and refuge from you…..

   Went home and took a nap, I spend my whole evening writing and updating my blue diary. I was preparing another journal, Daily bread and devotion study for Chinnie. God, please bless this wonderful friend of mine and that Lord may she continue walking in You. I scanned the broad sheet after that then prayed hard to the Father to give me a better job. My life is in you Lord, my hope is in you Lord…in you it’s in YOU.... 

Posted at Sunday, January 16, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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Saturday, January 15, 2005
~ Blessed Saturday ~

Blessed Saturday

   I just spent my time sleeping half of the day…yesterday was so stress out that made me not to think right, sigh. I haven’t seen my spiritual brother on-line for a couple of days now…..I guess he was so busy on his new job, Oh God bless him on whatever he is doing right now. I also did not receive any response from Liz, my friend in Baguio and it wonders me what happened to her as well. Lord I’m lifting them up to you, bless both of them and keep them safe…what happened to me yesterday put me into thinking what God wants me to have…ohhh…it only caused me headache thinking about things that I wanted to happened yet not of the Lord. Father, I’m lifting up to you my everything be upon me.

   Lord truly you are God, I thank you for answering my prayers about my elder sister that she may come back to you. I am so happy hearing that she wanted to give up everything now most especially her job just to be back at your presence. At last, for almost a year now since she moved out from the house and from that moment on I kept on praying for her. My sister has a different personality when she is with her officemates. She drinks, go to bar, she smoke, she curses, and she forgot the Lord…and with constant praying I thank you Lord that you touched her and made her realized things over. Thank you so much.

   I already got a confirmation from my friend Chinnie to meet her later in the afternoon @ Red Ribbon. I don’t know what lies ahead but I have a lot of things to tell her…. a lot of things into my mind…like how’s her walk with the Lord now, how is she doing right now things such as those…I left home early and went to the nearest cyber café but before that, I dropped by to my other sisters in the Lord. I felt compassion seeing them don’t want to come in the gathering tonight. Lord, please touch their hearts and remind them of your love.

   I was already 1 and half an hour late in meeting Chin. I did apologized and we did have a very good conversation and sharing with the Lord. Oh God, I thank you so much for this friend of mine. I know that you are working on her and that you continue on manifesting your love to her. I am indeed so happy that she is growing each day to you Oh Lord…thank you so much. I am indeed so blessed when she told me that she started reading your word and that she wanted and so eager to learn more of you. I promised her to send her a daily devotional and a journal where she could put all her questions and thoughts about, then discuss it on our next meeting. I advised her to read Psalms and Proverbs then read lightly some of the gospels. Indeed, I am so happy seeing her so eager to learn more about you oh Lord…she was so happy in having me as well…Lord, I have been praying for a friend and you are giving me so many and wonderful friends right now. I was never been appreciated like this before and it brought me so much joy. I thank you so much Lord for this. We prayed and she hugged me crying that she loved me so much…God, I never felt like this before…I thank you so much for this friend…she inspires me to go on and to seek more of you. This is indeed heartwarming. The night went away with our sharing about our failures, hardships, difficulties, joys and hurts in the past few days that were not together. Thank you so much for this night Oh God. Truly my heart was overwhelmed for the joy that you have given me. Thank you for Chinnie, bless her and be upon her…after that meeting I proceeded to the church to practice for the service tomorrow. This is not just another Saturday that passed away but indeed a very good Saturday that I will always remember…Praise and honor be Yours…forever and ever…

Posted at Saturday, January 15, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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Friday, January 14, 2005
~ Freaky Friday ~

 FreAKy FRidAy

   Last day of the working days of the 2nd week of the 1st month of the year 2005...sigh...why is that I can't think right these past few days most especially this week...I believed I have given up to God my everything and all...sigh... my job is getting so confusing and it really made me to feel - I don't want to go to work today again - ...oh noh! I don't want to feel that this is another passing day with this job. For sure I miss talking to the Aussie's and that I love talking to them but then why is that I don't feel happy in doing it anymore?... when I am doing it for almost a couple of years now? Did I already feel so fed up with these that I almost do the same routine almost everyday? Sigh, could somebody hear me out on this....

   My supervisor talked to me about being absent for a couple of days...she advised me that I ruined the operation...sigh...on the very first place I am so vocal to them about my plans of moving out of the company and that I already made up my mind that sooner or later of this month I'll be filing my resignation....and now they are asking more of my time to be on the floor....I know for sure that I am one of the best agent that they got and I am the most versatile among the agents on the floor but I'm not playing hard to get so that they would be in struggle and made the operation in disarray....sigh...why should I do that in the first place?

   I went to another company this morning (prior to the talk my supervisor and me have later this afternoon) to submit my resume' yet was then told that they will be ringing me for the interview...Oh God! Be upon me and let thy will prevail in anyway that I'll be doing...Lord, you know that I cannot do this without you on my side...I'm lifting this up to YOU.....

   Went to the head office afterwards and done as quickly as possible the request elevated to me...I was about to proceed to my office when I met this person that I have been ignoring for the longest possible time (he is my officemate)....sigh....he offered me a ride going there and I cannot say no since he knew for the fact that I am going there....Oh no God! I know this man has been a very persistent suitor of mine since last year...sigh... I do not dislike him but I am not ready at all to have another relationship for the meantime...for sure I am totally healed when my fiancé' passed away just recently and that I already giving up dating.... ~I kissed dating goodbye.... On the way to the office I always engaged my self in conversing with him about this and that just to kill the in-between silence...LOL...I have been praying that there would be no traffic and that We could arrive the office ASAP .... Goodness grace he talked and always gave a hint about his intention of pursuing courting...I was laughing inside of me because I always win over him to steered away the conversation into a different topic which he didn't taken notice of..LOL…. thank you Lord that you made me so bubbly that I could handle this kind of conversation so well...LOL...I was indeed so glad at last we arrived...I gave a sigh of relief and advised that I need to go ahead...Oh God! not this man please spare me on this.....LOL...indeed a very ~Freaky Friday, HUH~.....

   Dear God, it was not hidden from you what is inside of me that I already prayed and asked about this person.... SIGH ....... That I have learned to love this friend of mine in silence .... I cannot voice this out on him and I don't have the courage to and I have no plans at all .... sigh ...he has a girlfriend though...and he loved her so much...and both of them are so dear to me....I don't feel jealous about her and that is entirely so weird of me...because I know for a fact that I cannot just moved in the middle of them and I cannot win him please Lord if this feeling was not from you and would do me no good and was not meant to be.. Please I'm begging you to please take this away from me and if we are meant to be Lord...let this stay and ~Patiently I'll Wait~ for that love inside of him for me to be awaken in due Your time.... In Your Perfect Time ...

Posted at Friday, January 14, 2005 by Star-Tariray
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