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Sunday, October 02, 2005
   I woke up too early, excited I know... I feel nothing on my way could ever stop me now on this awaited day for me... for us.... Filipinos who wanted to reach their dreams and to showcase their talents and abilities on a foreign land located in the middle east... in the city named Dubai.... [deep sigh]

   It's raining so hard, flooded streets does not stopped me to be there at Jolibee Buendia... I know I am too early[ hate being late actually]... haven't seen the shadow of my colleague... so decided to take my breakfast first... have to expect the un-expected later... after reading the Sunday paper cover to cover and exchanging countless text... thanks heaven she arrived....

   Went over to the agency where the final interview will take place... I'm quite nervous but I have a different feeling inside of me... Forgive me Lord, if I feel confident on this... as I cheked the room that was instructed fo us to stay I saw different people ranging from my age younger and older who have hopes and dreams of their luck abroad... I sense different spirit, motives with these people... I don't know them and the only thing that makes me stand out from them is that I have you LORD with me...

   Yeah, just like what i have said earlier have to fall in line until my name will be called... I left my colleague on the room assigned to her and made my way upstairs on my designated room... I saw my manager there.. I'm so surprised yet happy to see him there... he's applying as well on the same position that I am up to... [deep sigh] I hate this feeling... 'money matters'.... I have my focus on the door infront of me where the applicant goes in and when they come out they have different face expression... some others are sad, others still confident... while others are grumbling... others disgusted and indeed annoyed... Oh my, what would be my reaction after the interview?... Until my name was called... the panellist (Arab, British, Indian) asked me questions and I answered them to the best of my knowledge.... after a few minutes they advised me that they will ring me if I passed the interview. I went out on that room hopeful enough on what the decision would be...

   I'm leaving everything behind that building.... the stories of different Filipinos that i chatted with while waiting on my turn to be called... their dreams and ambition and everything... Dubai... Dubai... land of dreams as I may say.... alot of people wishes to go there carrying different reasons, different agendas... as for me what ever have for me there so be it...


Posted at Sunday, October 02, 2005 by Star-Tariray


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