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Sunday, September 25, 2005

       Un-able to be at the office yesterday because I need to file and report all legal documents that was stolen months ago from me... Thank God that I have at least even a day to settle everything. Went to Social Security Service to file my SSS ID and to request for a new issued ID. Went to Pag-ibig office to obtain my ID no. Then after that, went to Post office to file my postal ID and to claim my mail that was been stocked up there at the courier’s desk for many weeks now… [Deep sigh] Oh, not to forget to drop by to my new school where I am going to enroll my self into another course – Hotel & Restaurant Services… then needs to run to the nearest photo center to have new ID’s to be taken… Oh, my! I do hope that I could finish all of these for just one day… Securing all of these was all soooo time consuming, tiring, expensive and of course stressful…. And also I have to be out again by Monday since I need to renew my passport for another trip this year or by next year to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand…. I can’t relax now since I need to be always on the go on what next step that I should be taking… everything is like a snap of a finger where I have to settle down and to arrange… Then after all those stressful walking from one place to another there I feel so tired… really tired… Oh I need to take even just a few minutes to relax my aching feet… thank God that I found my favorite… Wendy’s!!… I ate of course my undying favorites… French fries, Iced Tea and Bacon Mushroom melt… then continue on reading my bible… while taking a bite on my burger… then out of the blue I stumbled on this verses…

       “Flesh gives birth to flesh… but…. Spirit gives birth to Spirit.” John 3:6 NIV

      I know if I want to see God’s promise fulfilled in my life, I don’t have to rush things – or I might run ahead of God and make a mistake. I know God forgives our mistakes, but often there are consequences all because I couldn’t wait. I have to be sure that my plans are God’s inspired… Oh, let me think – yeah, I actually have plans that comes out to my mind lately like I wanted to work abroad… [deep sigh] I did actually applied to several agencies that cater Filipino workers that they will send to the Middle East… like Bahrain, Dubai etc…. I know I am just one of those many Filipinos who wanted to help and give my family a better life… by the way what for me is a better life… Oh, God! Forgive me, I know it’s not wrong to dream ant to have ambition yet let me give this to you “Thy will be done into my life”…

       Now, I guess don’t need try to make a ‘self’ idea work. God gave His promise to Isaac, not Ishmael. Why? Because Isaac was the result of God’s plan, done God’s way, in God’s time…

       Jesus said, ‘Flesh gives birth to flesh, but… Spirit gives birth to spirit.’ Everything that’s in me comes from one or two sources; the flesh (a.k.a. me, myself and I) or the Spirit (a.k.a. GOD). Today I make a choice to choose the God source because it will equal a God result. God doesn’t need help to bless me; He can do it all by Himself. That’s why, whenever Satan attacks, I need to remind him “Who” you belong to and that you didn’t begin this project, God did, so He’ll make sure I finish it. What God begins, He finishes!

       Now I know God is dealing with “the yuck” of my life, I’ll let HIM. I don’t need to get on HIS way. Like rescuing a drowning man who’s frantically trying to save himself, until that man stop splashing around God can’t get hold on him. Now I have to give it up! Try less and Trust More! So now I have to relax and stop flapping! 

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