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Monday, August 08, 2005
   Have a wonderful sharing & fellowshipping with my Manong & Manang last Saturday. Oh, what a lovely day that I got to hear from them again... I miss them so much and really would love to meet them in God's time... Talked with my sister Shine as well and got news about her life otta there.. so hectic and so busy... I know since there would be alot of workload that she will be having on the coming days for her work... wheeww.... so busy la...      
   Tried calling my Tito Monching, unsuccessful; my call prompted into his answering machine...
   Yani's mom get offended on me when I failed to showed up last Saturday but I didn't forget to ring her to advised that I an un-able to do so... but of course promised to see her on the following day which is Sunday...
   My Ate Moonjay got robbed Saturday night like what happened to me.. but this time she was harassed physically and emotionally... Oh, God... I'm still praying for her... she was still crying when I got home... I got home late last Saturday at about 11 in the evening and I really thanked God that nothing happened to me. My mom was so worried why I was not home during those hours... I didn't reasoned out to avoid any arguments...
   Sunday, woke up early to attend church- miss my church mates actually... I miss singing and leading the congregation to worship... indeed a wonderful service but then why can't feel anything at all... [deep sigh] Manong was indeed right... it is more than singing, dancing and hearing His word... it is supposed to be deep within...
   Met Yani's mom and go with her to spend the whole day in their place... Oh, I miss them so much... I miss everyone most especially Kenneth... I miss Tita Con... though often times when I go in their house she's always sleeping... I spend the whole afternoon with her, talking and having a bonding... how I miss those days... she even shared to me things that brings me much closer to her... I actually missed her... I did took a nap on her bed that I normally do even before... Kenneth was there bugging me to go home by 8 in the evening. He kept on kissing me and hugging me... and he kept on telling me good things about him actually... about the stars he got from school because of job well done, that he already knows how to read and this and that... oh I am so proud of him... he even asked me if I could put him to sleep that I normally do before... I miss those... I was so touched by the warmth that they make me feel... Tita Donna, Tita Ibeb, Tita Ana, Tita Juliet and Tita Con... I will never ever forget you guys... I exactly know how much you guys loved me... and indeed I also love you guys in return... I'm praying that you moved on just like what I did... I thanked Tita Juliet and Tita Ibeb for encouraging me to have a new boyfriend... ha..ha.. and to Tita Ana... I will always love Yani... he is forever into my heart and I already accepted the fact that we are not meant for each other... I will not forget him and he always have a special place into my heart as always.... I am so thankful that I have met you wonderful people... thank you so much.....

   I know it is the Lord who will repay you back in everything that you have done into me... I will always love you guys.... and will forever be thankful to the Lord Almighty for giving me a second family....          

Posted at Monday, August 08, 2005 by Star-Tariray


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