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Sunday, July 31, 2005
At Last
   Talked to Manong and Manang this morning, talked to my Tito Henry as well.. Wow... this is indeed the last day of my Sunday duty for this month and by tomorrow a new schedule to follow... I'll be having my Sunday off yet still cannot do songleading since my schedule is off track again... I'll be having a night shift or the late wave shift which is normally start at 1100 to 2000.. wheew... this only means that I'll still be leaving home early to escape traffic jam and also I'll home late in the evening as well.. [deep sigh] well... it's another no-life-schedule again for me... oh, if only I could choose my own schedule.. if only I could actually... (dream on Star!)...

   My sister Sunshine left now for Baguio, oh... I'll be missing her again... Lord I thank you so much for this sister of mine. I know you have a greater plans for her and that I am indeed so happy for her for all of those blessings that you have given her... Hope to see her again sometime this year... right now I actually do not know what to do and what to think.. yet dear Lord please guide me that I may do things right and that I will still have that intimate moment with you....

   Tomorrow will be August 1st of 2005.... ahh.... I don't know what are the plans of yours dear Father ahead of me... but whatever it is... let it will be done into my life.... help me to accept things the way it is and that give me a will to go on and a heart to worship you even more.. in trials and even in pains and sufferings of mine... I'm giving my life to you Lord... and that be upon me as always....

   For sure Lord that you knew what is into my heart...

- I like to be home with you LOrd...
- I like to do whatever you wanted me to do...
- I like to give my mom whatever she needed,
- I like to meet Manong and Manang,
- I like to go abroad,
- I like to be married sometime next year....

....hmmmm... I know all of those are possible to do and I am just waiting for your time... that everything will fall into your perfect time....

Posted at Sunday, July 31, 2005 by Star-Tariray


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